Precision Gardening Made Easy

For open soils and pots.

Increasing Transplant Success

Our products are food-grade and use a low energy, zero-heat micronisation, which makes them superior over prior water crystals and other amendments.

100% soluble in minutes and lasts for up to three years before boosting.

100% Biodegradable


250g Mixed with Calcium for easy application. 25g pure Rescaype for the precision user.


Secures carbon in soils.

Saves on irrigation.

Reduces run off during rain and flood.

Increases soil health.

Bigger root balls means bigger flowers.

Use less compost.

Use less fertiliser .



Soilwater Improver contains Rescaype® as the main active ingredient, the balance of the 250g package is pure agricultural gypsum powder (calcium-sulphate).

Rescaype® at only 150 microns in size dissolves very quickly (minutes) and "increases the surface area of contact with the soil" and carries a light negative ion charge, which is what allows it to connect with calcium in the gypsum and the soil around it. This creates links with other Anions  and Cations (the nutrients and elements) in the soil.  Keeping all safely near the plant roots and safe from rain or watering run-off.



SoilWater Improver has brought my hydrangea back to life and it looks so healthy. This time last year it was dying.


- Lucy - Yorkshire

Below is a short video about a potted White Spruce Christmas Tree transplant


Applying some Soilwater Improver to the pot, then transplanting it into the back yard.


It grew immediately and is happy and healthy with no fertilisers.


This White Spruce tree can  adsorb around 1 ton of CO2 in its lifetime.


If a million of us planted them then we would be making a major contribution to Carbon storage!



For more videos go to YOUTUBE




 I have had an olive tree for Ten years it never fruited.

 I added SoilWater Improver to the surface around it and watered well and  this year for the first time we had olives!

- Tuck - Essex

Actual  Results Images

How to Use

Soilwater Improver is a fine powder which you mix into the soil before planting. (You can add to top soil around trees and bushes and it will work its way down).

 Once installed in the soil all you have to do is plant your seed or starter and then water.


 You can install in the winter and when spring comes your soil will be in fantastic shape.

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