Precision Soil Amelioration 

The world is changing around us, quicker than recorded history can relay.

Now is the time for implementing our unique and holistic approach to securing soil and assuring good water quality.

Helping Agriculture and Horticulture 

Soilwater's utilisation of Rescaype at a low application rate of just 10 kg/ha can indeed have a significant impact on increasing farmer gains. Rescaype is unique as it is 50 to 250 micron in size, it has increased surface area benefits over other Soil conditioners and works immediately once activated in the soil by water. A product designed to enhance soil health and crop productivity. Here's how its judicious use can benefit farmers:

  • Improved Soil Health: Rescaype as a food grade biodegradable product can contribute to enhanced soil health. When applied at 10 kg/ha, it restructures the soil, promoting microbial activity and nutrient availability.


  • Increased Crop Yields: The improved soil health resulting from Rescaype application can lead to increased crop yields. Healthier soils support better root development, nutrient uptake, and moisture levels all of which are essential for robust crop growth.

  • Reduced Input Costs: Using Rescaype at a lower rate compared with other soil enhancers reduces the overall input costs for farmers. Traditional  soil conditioners are often applied at tons per hectare which can be expensive. Securing soils from nutrient leaching the cost-effectiveness of Rescaype at 10 kg/ha makes it an attractive option.

  • Sustainable Agriculture: Soilwater's approach aligns with sustainable agriculture practices. By enhancing soil health, Rescaype reduces the need for excessive use of  fertilisers, minimising environmental impacts and contributing to long-term soil fertility.

  • Resilience to Environmental Stressors: Healthier soils are better equipped to withstand environmental stressors such as drought or heavy rainfall. This resilience can safeguard crop yields, even in adverse conditions.


  • Circular Economy Model: Implementing circular-economy models, where resources are reused and recycled, is an important aspect of Soilwater's approach. Rescaype's multi-year use at 10 kg/ha aligns with this sustainability principle.


  • Collaborative R&D Programs: Soilwater's engagement in collaborative research and development programs can lead to further optimization of Rescaype's application rates and techniques. This ongoing improvement benefits farmers by maximizing the product's efficacy.



We believe that Soilwater's approach of using Rescaype at just 10 kg/ha is a commendable step toward sustainable and economically viable agriculture. It not only increases farmer gains but also aligns with the principles of soil and water security, circular economy models, and collaborative R&D efforts. By promoting such practices, we can contribute to the long-term well-being of farmers, consumers and the environment, fostering a balanced and prosperous agricultural sector.



Soilwater Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Rescaype products in the UK and Ireland, and distributes across Canada.




RESCAYPE® is a specially micronised Linear Anionic Polyacrylamide. (La-PAM).

La-PAM comes in many different formulas, imagine it like the different types of glass in the world, some are heat resistant some not, some are UV filtering some are not. Some are highly durable some break very easily.


Rescaype is a Food Grade and 100% biodegradable version of La-PAM.

Most importantly Rescaype is micronised using a trade secret method, which makes it the smallest in size, (50,150 and 250 micron)  offering Increased surface area as compared to the manufaturer offerings of 2,500, 4000 and 8000 micron  used all over the world, most commonly in Water Treatment plants to flocculate the chunky materials to the bottom of  a pit leaving relatively clean water to be skimmed. In Orange Juice filtering it reduces turbidity.


In Agricultural soils Rescaype is the most effective soil flocculant available in the world today.

  • Increased  Sheet Moisture Levels
    • Reduced irrigation requirements
    • More even distribution water throughout the soil
  • increased Cation Exchange Capacity
    • Faster nutrient delivery to plant hair roots
    • Nutrient  linking for effective plant uptake
  • Increased Soil Respiration
    • Increase in Microbial Mass (measured as Fungi: Bacteria Ratio)
    • Less resistance for roots to grow downwards
  • Increase Soil Structural Security
    • No more  muddy rivers off your fields.
    • Keeps the smaller soil particles where they should be.

We have  many studies and independent trials data that support the following:

  • >15% Soil Health Index
  • >15% Increased Dry Carbon Storage
  • >15% retention of Dissolved Organic Carbon
  • >5%-35% Increased Nitrogen Accessibility
  • >5%-25% Increase in Organic Dry Matter
  • >40%-115% Increased Fungi  
  • <12%-30% Reduced Bacteria levels


How Rescaype works in 90 seconds

This is a simplified animation to grasp the concept.

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